The origin of Sushi is at the banks of Southeast Asian Mekong River, where freshwater fish was mainly preserved and fermented with boiled rice for a longer shelf life. This method spread over Japan and Vietnam. In Japan, the fermentation process was refined by adding rice vinegar. So fish and rice could be enjoyed freshly and juicily.

Sushi as we know it today comes from the Japanese Edo, today’s Tokyo. In the 18th century, fresh sea fish with acidified rice, called Nigiri Sushi, became great and popular at the port of Edo. The transition to modern Sushi was fluent and the development of modern Sushi was completed in the early 20th century. Nowadays Japanese chefs are still experimenting with new variations. Trang Xigon continues this creativity in Central Europe. She is a phenomenal Sushi master of our time, who develops and creates an indescribable variety of Sushi in her fancy restaurant in Friedrichshain.

The complex preparation of Sushi rice was developed into a modern refined Xigon Sushi style in years of work. Our top priorities are high quality fish, vegetables and Japanese special Sushi rice. The various Sushi dishes such as Maki, Nigiri, Inside Out Rolls, Tempura, Sashimi or “Xigon Sushi Sets” with salmon, tuna, butterfish, prawns, avocado, cucumber and sesame are always fresh and artful.

This unique taste of Xigon Sushi only can be achieved with natural ingredients. This is the unique way to a 100% authentic Sushi taste. Our Sushi dishes are fresh, delicious and eye-catching specialties.

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